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Found 2 results

  1. I'm curious about whether users can truly max out the operational capacity of the 10G Full-Duplex Servers. In my experience, the Haedus server in New York rarely surpasses 3.5G out of its 10G bandwidth rating, and this observation holds true for other 10G servers as well. Even at its peak, when I employ multiple connections for seeding or torrenting, the speeds don't seem to reach their full potential or remain consistent. I'm referring to the use of multiple connections in a manner similar to employing several simultaneous TCP streams to increase download/upload speeds from a server. Interestingly, there was a point when I could seed/upload at a continuous gigabit speed on the Haedus server. However, this experience isn't limited to torrenting; I've conducted tests using Iperf and other high-bandwidth usage scenarios. Strikingly, I find that I can use the most bandwidth when torrenting, presumably due to the ability to have several thousand leeches connected. I consistently get about 500 - 700 Mbps on the Haedus server using Wireguard. I can't help but wonder why I haven't seen more bandwidth being utilized, especially with the increasing number of users on the server.
  2. Hi, long time AirVPN user/supporter here. Lately, I've noticed that at times, nearly all Canadian servers are loaded to near capacity. I mean Canadian servers have always been some of the most loaded servers, often requiring me to surf around between servers to find one with good bandwidth, but as of late, it seems like most, if not all, of the Canadian servers are loaded to near max capacity. It is really frustrating not being able to find a single server (after trying 10-15 different servers) that I can achieve even 100Mbps downloads from. I guess my question is if y'all have any plans to add more Canadian servers (or add more bandwidth to the existing Canadian servers) at any point in the near future? Overall, I really like AirVPN and I think it is a great match for my needs but the bandwidth issues are really starting to become a thorn in my side. Hopefully there is some plan to overcome these issues as I really deplore the idea of having to switch to another provider. Thanks! I've included a screenshot of the entire list of Canadian servers as it appeared in the client app tonight (right before posting this msg). Definitely pretty overloaded...
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