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Thanks @Clodo, Installed experimental version 2.22.2, then restarted system.

Screenshot of a sample of server stats. I have done ping to server tests before, so I know the latency figures are not correct.

Next I refreshed pinger stats:

Stats are blank while VPN session is up. Disconnected but locked and logged in. Selected the same server as before, essentially reestablishing the broken connection.
Latency stats are a lot higher.

Next step is disable, logout and close Eddie; shut down machine and start again in case that clears the counters. Done.
Claimed Latency for one Canadian server is looking more sensible but otherwise much the same. 

I'll run with this experimental version for now, just in case it sorts itself out. 

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Same problem here . . . I use automatic connection.   It seems to be solved when I 'Cancel/Disconnect' the Automatic process then manually select a server.

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Apologies if this was asked somewhere already - not sure if it is related to this topic as well. Eddie 2.21.8, macOS Monterey 12.5: I do not get any Latency results in the Eddie GUI at all - see screenshot for reference. Doesn't matter how often or when I click on "Refresh connection list" icon in the bottom right corner, the Latency column never shows any results. I was actually using Hummingbird so far, not Eddie. For different reasons, I wanted to switch back to Eddie now and been wondering.

@Clodo: is this related / changed in the 2.22.2 beta? Update: can confirm that the 2.22.2 version fixes this issue and latency results show up again. 👍


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1 hour ago, user972512 said:

Same problem here.
Latency checks taking a very long time.
Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS
Eddie 2.21.8


That's expected (unfortunately) because of the reported bug which has been addressed in Eddie 2.22.2. Please test Eddie 2.22.2 and check whether the problem has been sorted out. To download Eddie 2.22.2 in the usual download page select "Other versions" then click "Experimental". You will be brought back to the download page, pointing this time to 2.22.2. Download and install as usual.

Kind regards

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19 hours ago, Staff said:


"Better" or "resolved"? If not resolved, please do not hesitate to describe the behavior in detail.

Kind regards

Hi !
Resolved for me.

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