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I don't know what to write about... Everything's fine and I love AirVPN. Sounds cheesy but it is what it is. I've been using AirVPN for half a year.

Many servers to choose from, very transparent from the user's point of view - something I value. Transparency about server status and an API (admittedly I haven't used it much). From reading the forums I grasped that AirVPN has very strict (legal) criteria for choosing server locations (countries), an approach that is unique across all providers I've seen so far. Yea placing servers in China wouldn't be the best idea :) or many other more "democratic" as a matter of fact which were ruled out.
The config generator is awesome if you're not using their open source client Eddie (bonus points again!) - plenty of flexibility. Configs? Afaik there're some providers out there who still have user/password prompt on each connection, laughable. AirVPN not only properly makes use of certificates (that's how the server knows you are you without asking for credentials) and on top of that allows you to properly distribute different access keys across your devices (in case of theft etc). Lost a device? Revoke access to that single one and done!

Port-forwarding support ALONG WITH Dynamic DNS is unparalleled. Sure an advanced user probably could create an ad-hoc DDNS solution for themself, but offering it along the VPN is ingenius.
The servers are very stable, the stats currently show a user has been connected since January. I've read comments where other VPNs often force reconnects etc, that just sounds wild to me. Before AirVPN I've been on a private VPN server with 24/7 uptime and that's the quality of service I got used to and wouldn't want to downgrade from (looking at those other VPN providers)

The AirVPN forums are a great source of information. The staff cannot be commended enough for responding to concerns and generally being here for discussion. @OpenSourcerer is a damn community hero, this place is unimaginable without him! I myself have contributed in one form or another and will continue to. As a side note to forums: AirVPN appears to have customized the forum software for privacy. I can't assess how far it goes (hopefully "enough"), and it's a far better choice than those completely relying on Reddit - undoubtedly a useful puppet of/for the certain government.

The only problem I've had was with initial payment. I bought the 1 month plan and found no clear indications it was still active (because it is a PayPal recurring payment), so before the month expired I bought the 1 year plan. I was quite surprised to see a few days later my access days to have been extended by +31d - the automatic Paypal payment kicked in and I paid a single month extra. Though I like the service so much I decided not to bother with a refund (consider it a donation hehe). You need to login in Paypal to cancel those, I wish this was made clear/er. What's unclear to me was whether/how much info is retained on payment after all the transactions... but to grossly paraphrase an official response: use crypto. Just make sure your mug shot (photo) isn't connected to the coin wallet :P

Roses are red,
AirVPN's great.

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I'm flattered to be directly mentioned with such high praise. Thank you for your kind words, though some would argue that it's not all roses with me, to which I agree. :)

18 hours ago, Stalinium said:

dyn dns

Be advised that the proper abbreviation for Dynamic DNS is actually DDNS. DynDNS is the trademark name for the DDNS service of Dyn, Inc. (now an Oracle company). It's quite a smart name, I admit. :)
18 hours ago, Stalinium said:

I can't assess how far it goes (hopefully "enough"), and it's a far better choice than those completely relying on Reddit - undoubtedly a useful puppet of/for the certain government.

I'd like to mention that there is an AirVPN subreddit, though there's very little activity; I usually refer back to the forums, anyway, so maybe people see the sidebar and then register and ask their questions here instead. Rarely people ask here and there.
18 hours ago, Stalinium said:

Roses are red,
AirVPN's great.

Let me… enhance that.

Roses are red,
AirVPN is blue,
we're all happy users,
so when will be you?



LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

Want to contact me directly? All relevant methods are on my About me page.

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Wow thanks on the DDNS correction. Sneaky trademarks.
I find having reddit as an alternative (even if it were as often used as the forums) is OK. But some solely rely on reddit that I find no bueno despite being a somewhat active user.

25 minutes ago, OpenSourcerer said:

Thank you for your kind words, though some would argue that it's not all roses with me, to which I agree.

I've seen one. You aren't a smooth looking crim... professional to use official language to guard yourself off any possible criticism. As far as moderation goes:
It's human to err.
as long as you can accept mistakes and learn from them moving forward, it's fine.

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