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John Gow

West Coast USA/CA Servers Overloaded?

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Hello, after reading the pinned post about blocking VPN in China I feel a little embarrassed by the relative importance of my issue, which has been occurring more frequently over the past ~6 months.  I wouldn't normally complain, I've been using Airvpn for years, but it's getting a bit worrisome.

I usually connect to Airvpn's Canada BC servers, but they seem to be having serious load balancing issues. The screenshot depicts a typical situation,  the Los Angeles, Fremont CA, Vancouver, even the Chicago and Phoenix servers are not listing. I find that I am often kicked from a server and reconnected to another one *very* far away. For example, I'll be on Sham in BC and a couple hours later find that I'm suddenly connected to Atlanta Georgia or Toronto 2,000 miles away....  Is this due to excessive traffic on the west coast, and are there any plans to increase service coverage for this region?


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@John Gow


It looks like more a "picking the right server for you" problem than an overload or load balancing problem. We also don't see any overload in US or CA West Coast.

Can you define a while list of your favorite servers? It should meet your needs. You can define the list in Eddie's "Preferences" > "Servers" window. Multiple selection (CTRL + click and SHIFT + click) is allowed for your comfort.

Once a white list is defined, Eddie will consider only servers in that white list.

Kind regards

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