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Credit Coupon payment question

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I live in a region that has restrictions on how much money can be used in a single transaction to Europe via a gift master card.
I am looking forward to your upcoming sales and wish to be able to purchase a larger renewal.
to that end I bought an AIR credit coupon (NOT a plan coupon) in advance with the intention of adding TO that coupon with additional cards so when the sale came on, i would be unrestricted by single purchase limits.

I was just about to make my first addition to my credit coupon but it looks like the next purchase would buy a second one instead of adding to the first.

so my two questions would be,
1 - is there a way I can add to the credit ?
2 - can I use multiple credit coupons in a single transaction ?

Thank you.

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Hello and thank you!!

You are free to buy any coupon quantity, but you can't provide a single coupon with multiple amounts.

It's not a big deal because for your purpose you can buy two or more credit coupons and redeem them when you buy a plan in our "Buy" page. There, you will see a "Do you have a coupon code?" field in the upper section, where you can enter each coupon one by one, one after the other, and redeem all of them on a single purchase.

The total amount of all coupons will be credited to the account that redeemed them. Such account can use all of its credit while checking out by clicking the proper button which appears on the checkout page.

If in doubt or for any additional information please do not hesitate to open a ticket!

Kind regards

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Thank you, Thank you !
That was exactly what I was hoping for and it went perfectly !
Three More Years !! 

Keep up the great work

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