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New Android TV, cannot find Eddie or install OpenVPN

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Hi, I would like to install Eddie on a new Sony Bravia running Android 9.
The playstore for TV doesn't include Eddie, but does have other VPNs.
I tried installing OpenVPN but got stuck as there seems no way to add the config file. OpenVPN expects me to use an SD card!
I found a Sideload app that should either install Eddie from exernal input or load the OpenVPN config, but I couldnt see how to do either:-(
I expect this is going to be something that more people will want.

Has anybody solved this problem? If so, some pointers will be helpful:-)

Many thanks, Col

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I used the OpenVPN app with the Air config ported to the TV via a USB drive. It's been too many months for me to remember the details, but it wasn't a horrible process. And the setup works well, once you figure out how to work the app, which is actually the hardest part. 

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Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the delay,ed response, other things have been occupying my mind.

I'd already tried OpenVPN, and had the config on a plugged in USB but I could see no way to link the two. I have no idea how to save anything to the TV, even though its telling me I have space available.

Which brings me back to sideloading...
How, and where do I download the APK file so that I can install it?

Sorry, I might be being dumb here, but Android aint my speciality!

Cheers, Col.

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