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Using AirVPN with Eddie Client for Android

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Using AirVPN with "Eddie Android edition"


1. Install



  • When installed Tap on Eddie application to open it



If you download the APK you can check its integrity:

$ sha256 org.airvpn.eddie-2.5-Unsigned.apk  
SHA256 (org.airvpn.eddie-2.5-Unsigned.apk) = 351210a27104dc0061dc6df4649a48e6537d293097fc81a086eb13eb47b29982

Installation requirements


Main features


With AirVPN you can keep your Internet traffic hidden from the eyes of your ISP and from any malicious entity wiretapping your line, connect safely even via a public Internet hotspot, unblock geo-restricted websites, bypass web sites blocks and protect the integrity of your communications.

Thanks to AirVPN, Eddie protects your Android device traffic. Eddie can be used even with any other VPN service based on OpenVPN.
  • Free and open source OpenVPN GUI based on "OpenVPN 3.7.1 AirVPN"
  • ChaCha20-Poly1305, AES-CBC and AES-GCM support on both OpenVPN Control and Data channels
  • The only Android application officially developed by AirVPN
  • Robust, best effort prevention of traffic leaks outside the VPN tunnel
  • Battery-conscious application
  • Low RAM footprint
  • Ergonomic and friendly interface
  • Ability to start and connect the application at device boot
  • Option to define which apps must have traffic inside or outside the VPN tunnel through white and black list
  • Localization in simplified and traditional Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Full integration with AirVPN
  • Enhanced security thanks to locally stored encrypted data through optional master password
  • Quick one-tap connection and smart, fully automated server selection
  • Smart server selection with custom settings
  • Manual server selection
  • Ability to start and connect during device startup according to a priority list which includes automatic choice, your defined country and your defined AirVPN server
  • Smart attempts to bypass OpenVPN blocks featuring protocol and server fail-over
  • Full Android TV compatibility including D-Pad support. Mouse emulation is not required.
  • Enhancements aimed to increase accessibility and comfort to visually impaired persons
  • AirVPN servers sorting options
  • Customizable "Default", "Favorite" and "Forbidden" servers and countries
  • OpenVPN mimetype support to import profiles from external applications
  • Multiple OpenVPN profile support. The app now imports and manages multiple OpenVPN profiles
  • Support for custom bootstrap servers
  • Support for favorite and forbidden countries
  • AirVPN broadcast messages support
  • User's subscription expiration date is shown in login/connection information
  • The app is aware of concurrent VPN use. In case another app is granted VPN access,
  • Eddie acts accordingly and releases VPN resources
  • Optional local networks access. In such case, local network devices are exempted from the VPN and can be accessed within the local devices
  • Localization override. User can choose the default language and localization from one of the available ones
  • Favorite and forbidden lists can be emptied with a single tap
  • Ability to directly select an AirVPN area (country, continent, planet) to connect to
  • VPN reconnection in case of unexpected OpenVPN disconnection. (It requires VPN Lock to be disabled)
  • VPN concurrency management
  • Full integration with VPN traffic leaks prevention by system in Android 7 or higher version
  • Full compatibility with Android 10, 11 and 12
  • User can generate or save an OpenVPN profile for any AirVPN server or country and save it in the internal OpenVPN profile manager or export it
  • On the fly language change allowing to switch language without re-starting application
  • Exclusive optional VPN lock in case the device cannot take advantage of Android's VPN direct management (Android 5 and 6)
  •  Server scoring algorithm implementing the latest AirVPN balancing factors in order to determine the best server for quick connection
  • Network name and extra information are shown along with network type Device network status management
  • The only Android application officially developed by AirVPN
  • Fully compatible with Android 5.1 and higher
  • Fully compatible with Android TV 5.1 and higher


2. Quick connect

  • From the"Quick Connect" menu, tap large button to log in to Airvpn with your account. If you don't' have an account you can create one Create an account


  • At first usage you have to set your master password for security reason


  • Enter your master password


  • Enter your AirVPN credentials. If you check "Remember me" the credentials are saved for next time. Credentials are stored encrypted by master password.


  • Now you are logged in to AirVPN with your account and you can "Quick Connect" to a server by tapping on large button


  • Default Android warning messages for "VPN connections", click OK to accept connection request


  • now you are connected to AirVPN server. The application determines the best servers for your device through various parameters. If you wish to select the servers order (favorites, forbidden) or connect to a specific server see "AirVPN Server" tab (Chapter 3)



  • In "connection" tab you see details and statistic for connections, you can also  Disconnect / Pause / Log



3. AirVPN Server

  • In "AirVPN Server" tab you have an overview of all servers grouped by Region, Favorites, Forbidden, with detailed statistics. To connect to a particular server simply Tap on server or Long Tap to display a contextual menu with various entries (Start connection, Add to favorites, Add to forbidden, Add to your OpenVPN profiles (see Chapter 5)




  • Search functions: to filter the servers list. When the search filter is active the icon remains red.



  • Server Settings: to change default parameters and sort servers




4. Main menu

  • Go to Main menu to change settings and options of the application


  • Settings


  • Reset to Default options: tap on button to reset all the settings to default values


  • AirVPN section specific parameters




  • VPN section



  • DNS section


  • Authentication section: if you import an OpenVPN profile (see Chapter 5) that requires Credentials


  • System section




  • Proxy section


  • Advanced section



  • LOG for access to application log click on Log on main menu or Log button on "connection info" tab


  • you have access to activity log for info and  troubleshooting. You can also share the log via share icon



5. OpenVPN profile

  • Eddie is fully integrated with AirVPN: you can generate a profile from inside the app from "AirVPN server" tab, but you also have the ability to import *.ovpn profile to connect to other VPN services

Generate profile with web Config Generator

  • Launch your Internet browser.
    NOTE: don't use the default Android browser because it has an unresolved bug.
    Chrome and Opera have been tested by us and work.
  • Connect to AirVPN website, login and create the configuration files from our Config Generator.
  • Choose Android as platform (only direct TCP and UDP connections are supported) and finally click the "Generate" button to download it.
  • Downloaded .ovpn files may be imported directly into the application but the behavior depends on many factors (employed browser, files manager, Android version, etc). For simplicity's sake, we assume in this guide that you saved .ovpn generated files under the internal storage directory in the Android file system

Import profile

  • tap the "Import profile" button:

  • Browse *.ovpn files:


  • Tap the "Connect" button or long tap to profile entry to "Start connection, Rename or Delete profile"


  • Eddie is now connected and the VPN tunnel is now established, When you need to disconnect from the VPN click on the "Disconnect" button 




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