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The How-To section of the forum was confusing.  TL:DR

Why isn't there a simple guide to explain the Eddie UI program?

Here are the first steps users are presented with a lack of clarity:

  1. Are we supposed to select "Connect to a recommended server" or "Network Lock"?
  2. Why doesn't the interface window close to the systray area where the icon already exists?
  3. Does the app automatically switch running browsers to go thru AirVPN, or must they be restarted?
  4. How does a person know if a browser is using AirVPN?

These appear to be very fundamental questions.  IMHO, they should be addressed first.

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Eddie's guides have been moved to the FAQ answers which in turn point here:

FAQ section is linked in the web site top menu and in the welcome e-mail (but of course it's not mandatory to enter a valid e-mail address, so if you did not you have not received the welcome e-mail).

Another guide which you might find useful is the one linked in our welcome e-mail. It's the first, pinned guide in the How-To section:

1. The welcome e-mail and the guide both stress the purpose and the importance of Network Lock. In general yes, we would recommend to activate Network Lock, but actually some special cases may require its de-activation, or its partial activation. About servers selection, that's up to you. If you leave the choice to Eddie, it will do its best to pick a good server. for your node, according to the rule you will find in above documentation. As usual, a human choice can be more fine tuned.

2. It should do so when you minimize the window, except in desktop environments where system tray and tray icons are not supported. What is your system?

3. In all systems except Windows sockets are reset when the default gateway changes. In Windows, which is insecure by design, you should take care to start applications after you have established a VPN connection, unless you run Eddie with Network Lock enabled, which will block any possible traffic leak outside the tunnel.

4. If Network Lock is enabled, you will know immediately. :) Otherwise a manual check is required, by browsing on https://airvpn.org home page for example.

Kind regards


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