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ANSWERED Hummingbird 1.0.2 Raspberry Installation - Permission denied

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Hi guys,

I am trying to install the new Hummingbird client on my RasPI 4 for the first time.
I followed the Installation HowTo but I cant start Hummingbird.

Everytime I try to execute, the following error message arise:

[sudo] password for XXX:
sudo: unable to execute ./hummingbird: Permission denied

The sudo password is correct and I am logged in as a root user.
PS: I am quite new to linux and Raspbian.

Thank you very much!


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Does sudo date work?

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Can you please check the hummingbird file flags? An option to consider is that hummingbird lacks the x (executable) flag for other users, including the user that tries to run it, in your case (it might have happened if you have decompressed the tarball without preserving file attributes). From a terminal, after you have entered the directory where hummingbird is inside:
ls -l 

Kind regards

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