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How to set Eddie NEVER to automatically reconnect

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On one of my machines I have a unique usage issue.  Resolution of that issue is that I would like to set Eddie so should a connection break, I MUST manually reconnect to the server of my choice.  Of course many times I use the closest lowest latency servers for my actual name usage, but when I am surfing in a more anonymous mode I don't want to EVER be connected to one of the close servers.  When Eddie disconnects (not too often but enough that I have concerns) I don't want it to auto pick the close servers and defeat my intentions of never using those in my more private scenarios.  I could handle this by "red flagging" my close server country while using my private scenario, but is there an easier way?

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There is no option to tell Eddie not to try to reconnect, but you can have Eddie connect always to one server or the last server it connected to: define a white list of servers which contain only one server, or tick "Lock current server" tick box in the "Servers" window.

Kind regards

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Thank you.  I had never noticed the "lock current server" tickbox.  That did the trick for my needs.  At least now I know my connection will not leave my selected server unless I manually select a different one.  If for some reason my selected server physically crashed I simply manually select a different connection.

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