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I've just signed up for a year's subscription and have used the .apk to install Eddie on two NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) devices.

I've set up a master password. So far so good.

I have some questions:

  1. I want AirVPN to connect automatically when I start the SHIELD and not have to manually open Eddie and enter the master password. Is there a way to automate this so that I turn on the SHIELD and I automatically connect to AirVPN? I think this is pretty important security-wise.
  2. In particular I'd like to always connect to one specific endpoint, but I can't work out how to specify to always use that endpoint either. Could someone help me out with this as well?
  3. Furthermore, is it possible to specify an app which I don't want to use the VPN for? For example say it was Netflix, could I specify that I always connect using my actual IP address rather than using AirVPN, but only for Netflix? (Netflix is a hypothetical example, I want to specify any app I so choose.)

Thanks in advance.

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1) Yes. You need a profile and select the proper option in "Settings". If you shut down the Shield while Eddie is running and connected through a profile, it will start automatically at next bootstrap and connect to the VPN using the same profile. NOTE: just like any other app, Eddie registers with high priority with Android to start at boot, but the exact moment Eddie starts remains as an exclusive decision of the system.

2) Normally you define a list of favorite servers in "AIRVPN SERVER" view (you can define favorite and forbidden serves), but if you need autostart and autoconnect you need a profile for a specific server.

3) Yes! "Settings" > "System" > "Application filter type". Select "Blacklist" and then pick the applications whose traffic must NOT be tunneled.

Full instructions are here (web site menu "Download" > "Android" > "Eddie"):

In Chapter 5 you can find how to generate and import a profile.

Kind regards


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