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OpenVPN AirVPN 3.6.1 released

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We are glad to inform you that we have released a new version of OpenVPN-AirVPN library which is essential to our imminent release of a client for macOS which will be added to the clients for Linux 64 bit and Raspbian:


Kind regards
AirVPN Staff

Changelog 3.6.1 AirVPN - Release date: 28 November 2019 by ProMIND
- [ProMIND] [2019/11/28] openvpn/tun/builder/base.hpp: Added virtual method ignore_dns_push() to TunBuilderBase class
- [ProMIND] [2019/11/28] openvpn/tun/client/tunprop.hpp: added DNS push ignore to method add_dhcp_options()
Changelog 3.3.2 AirVPN - Release date: 10 October 2019 by ProMIND
- [ProMIND] [2019/09/04] fixed bug in openvpn/tun/linux/client/tunsetup.hpp: changed if(conf->txqueuelen) to if(conf->txqueuelen > 0) which made linux connection to fail
- [ProMIND] [2019/09/04] openvpn/tun/linux/client/tuncli.hpp: added initialization to TunLinux::Config::txqueuelen
- [ProMIND] [2019/09/10] openvpn/tun/linux/client/tunsetup.hpp: removed remove_cmds->execute(os) call in establish which prevented reconnection to work properly
- [ProMIND] [2019/09/10] openvpn/tun/linux/client/tunsetup.hpp: removed connected_gw member and related code which prevented reconnection to work properly
- [ProMIND] [1019/10/10] openvpn/client/cliopthelper.hpp: added method getRemoteList(). Returns remoteList member with list of profile's remote entries
- [ProMIND] [2019/10/10] client/ovpncli.hpp: added RemoteEntry structure to reflect profile's remote entries
- [ProMIND] [2019/10/10] client/ovpncli.hpp: added remoteList member
- [ProMIND] [2019/10/10] client/ovpncli.cpp: OpenVPNClient::parse_config now assigns remoteList member with values of ParseClientConfig.getRemoteList()
Changelog 3.3.1 AirVPN - Release date: 31 August 2019 by ProMIND
- [ProMIND] [2019/08/06] Added cipher override to client configuration
- [ProMIND] [2019/08/06] Added ncp disable override to client configuration
Changelog 3.3 AirVPN - Release date: 13 July 2019 by ProMIND
- [ProMIND] [2019/06/02] Forked master openvpn3 repository 3.2 (qa:d87f5bbc04)
- [ProMIND] [2019/06/06] Implemented CHACHA20-POLY1305 cipher for both control and data channels
- [ProMIND] {2019/07/10] Implemented ncp-disable profile option

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