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What is the maximum download speed we can expect?

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the maximum performance we could achieve with AES-NI and load balancing on a single server with daemons working on 4 cores has been 1.8 Gbit/s, meaning that a client with no CPU power limitation connected alone on a VPN server with 1 Gbit/s line full duplex (or a 10 Gbit/s line as in our Netherlands and Dallas servers) with "perfect" peering and routing, and when the weakest hop between client and server is stronger than both those client and  server, can achieve a theoretical maximum of 1800 / 4 = 550 Mbit/s (because OpenVPN does not scale, it runs exclusively on a single thread of a single core).

In real life with good peering and no CPU bottleneck you can expect  the speeds you see reported in real time in the "Top 10 Users speed" in our servers monitor https://airvpn.org/status which means 180-250 Mbit/s, i.e at least 20 times the minimum allocated bandwidth per client we guarantee against overselling in the ToS.

Kind regards
AirVPN Support Team

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just recently upgraded to ATT FIber Gigabit - on Linux (only) I get 850-900 Mbit line speed (AirVPN off), with AirVPN connected to a server with 2ms ping I get a max of 200-250 Mbit - that is real download speed not some browser speed test. Before I was on a 400 Mbit connection from Spectrum, exact same numbers... upgrading internet speed is pointless unless the VPNs can provide higher speeds...

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