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Wireguard response from Mullvad

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The folks at Mullvad gave me a couple days to try their service (Very generous of them, thank you!).

I sent an email to them asking about Wireguard, and how they feel comfortable offering that when the actual project side says, do not rely on this code. Here is the response they gave:\

We are currently installing more wireguard servers in the locations that
we have, and hopefully in the near future, we will cover more locations

The most common question brought up from our user is about the privacy
and security issue on Wireguard. We have been continuously improving how
we set up on our end to ensure the secure level on our wireguard server.
We now delete and re-add peers if they have not had a handshake in 180
seconds on the WireGuard servers, this removes any public IP or stats of
amount of data that has been received / sent.

If you wish to hide your own public IP-address from the exit server,
then consider using multihop, the exit server will then only see an
internal IP-address used by the WireGuard servers.

So I decided to go look at the wireguard project page. It no longer says "Do not rely on this code". It appears that it has been removed. The last time it was on there was August 24th of this month: https://web.archive.org/web/20190824001445/https://www.wireguard.com/

So it appears that in the past four days they have removed that, I am not sure why. Do you guys have any thoughts on that? Does this mean we should start looking into it? Btw, the OpenVPN testing with them and Air are very close with speed tests. However, the wireguard testing is significantly faster (but potentially unsecure).

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Well, i think it depends on your threat model. I wouldn't use Wireguard for purposes that require a high level of privacy.
But i think for the average user - as we all certainly are - it shouldn't be a major problem using it, at least if it is set up correctly. The guys at Mullvad apparently did their homework on this.

But still, Wireguard is far from being complete, but if you are keen on testing new tech stuff, go for it!



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