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OpenVPN 3 development by AirVPN

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We are very glad to inform you that our OpenVPN 3 development is progressing swiftly. Today we implemented directive ncp-disable which was still unsupported in OpenVPN 3.


The directive is instrumental to allow clients Data Channel cipher free selection between those available on server, when ncp-ciphers is declared on server side, and keep at the same time total backward compatibility. Since when we implemented ChaCha20-Poly1305 https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/43850-openvpn-3-development/ on OpenVPN 3 Data Channel, "ncp-disable" has become a priority to provide servers and clients with maximum flexibility.

We can therefore leave total freedom to clients to pick between AES-GCM, AES-CBC and ChaCha20 while preserving full backward compatibility.

Clients with AES-NI supporting processors will prefer AES, while clients running on CPUs without AES-NI, for example most ARM CPUs, will of course tend to prefer ChaCha20.

We are working hard to bring you first and foremost a new Eddie Android edition beta version to let you test ChaCha20-Poly1305 on your Android devices as soon as possible. All internal tests both with ChaCha20 and ncp-disable have been fully successful so far. Fingers crossed, maybe you will see a beta release as early as next week.


Changelog 3.3 AirVPN - Release date: 13 July 2019 by ProMIND

- [ProMIND] [2019/06/02] Forked master openvpn3 repository 3.2 (qa:d87f5bbc04)
- [ProMIND] [2019/06/06] Implemented CHACHA20-POLY1305 cipher for both control and data channels
- [ProMIND] {2019/07/10] Implemented ncp-disable profile option

Kind regards and datalove
AirVPN Staff

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On server side, we use OpenVPN 2.5 to support ChaCha20 on the Data Channel, so any server with OpenVPN 2.5 will be marked as "Experimental", to make clear that the OpenVPN running in it is a beta version.

As soon as OpenVPN 2.5 stable is released, all the servers will be upgraded to support ChaCha20 on the Data Channel without the "Experimental" warning.

Our next, imminent step is releasing Eddie Android edition with OpenVPN 3 supporting ChaCha20-Poly1305 to allow immediate testing from those devices based on Android that need ChaCha20 most, for performance and load reasons (such as any Android tablet, smart phone, Amazon Fire TV and any other Android based mediacenter using a CPU that does not support AES-NI).

Kind regards

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Would it be possible that you implement a feature on the client to change the metric of _pushed_ routes?

ATM its possible to change it for static routes you import by hand clientside or define a metric of pushed routes serverside. Id like to change the metric from a server pushed route on the clientside.


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