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I would appreciate some recommendations for seedboxes for torrenting.
In particular, I am leaning toward RapidSeedbox.com and would like to know any user experience with them.

Thank you!

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If you already have AirVPN it will be a waste of money, and bandwidth.
Torrent with a local client and you will be fine.
Unless it's all those "elite" trackers that want you to upload an x amount of b/w.
Do they still exist? it was a big thing ~10 years ago.

Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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4 hours ago, zhang888 said:

Do they still exist? it was a big thing ~10 years ago.

They do, and I am using one of these. It still prevents leeching indefinitely. You get restricted to one torrent a day only if your ratio is <1 for some time or immediately when <0.5. This is good because people can't download and then stop the torrent immediately without consequences (like, I don't want to be caught, so I don't upload). But BitTorrent lives from uploaders so stopping torrents is a dick move.
4 hours ago, zhang888 said:

If you already have AirVPN it will be a waste of money, and bandwidth.
Torrent with a local client and you will be fine.

As a long-time local torrenter myself, local torrenting comes with some cost as well.
  • You can of course torrent on the lowest throughput your ISP offers to save money but that does not bring you much joy (it depends on your ISP, though). Mostly you need a plan with more bandwidth.
  • Torrenting can easily block your entire uplink. You can of course limit it, but in some cases you'd need a bigger line to be enjoyable again.
  • You need a dedicated hard drive with some TiB of space. Depending on the client, many active torrents really will stress the drive they're on and only HDDs are currently relatively inexpensive when it goes up to TiBytes. Buy SSD with any space beyond a TiB and you pay a price you could operate a seedbox for a year or even two.
  • .. oh, and they can break. Granted, the risk for HDDs is bigger than with SSDs, but still. And when they do, you might lose your content.
  • If you say, some device in your network can do it, not necessarily your PC, this device needs energy, energy costs money.
  • If you torrent locally, you will need (Air)VPN.
You will be fine, but I can't agree with waste of money, and bandwidth.

Four simple things:
There's a guide to AirVPN. Before you ask questions, take 30 minutes of your time to go through it.

Amazon IPs are not dangerous here. It's the fallback DNS.
Running TOR exits is discouraged. They're subject to restrictions on the internet and harm all AirVPN users.

Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, you'll be unique among the mass again.


XMPP: gigan3rd@xmpp.airvpn.org or join our lounge@conference.xmpp.airvpn.org

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