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Eddie Android edition 2.2 beta released

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We're glad to inform you that we are opening the beta testing phase of our free and open source software Eddie for Android version 2.2.

You can participate to the beta testing by joining the beta community in the Google Play Store here:
You can also download the Eddie Android 2.2 beta 1 apk directly from our repository:
The application is fully localized and we look for translators, especially for translations into Japanese, Korean and other languages. If you wish to translate (from English) please contact info@airvpn.org for every detail.


Available languages: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish.

Eddie for Android is free and open source software released under GPLv3. We invite you to check from independent 3rd parties the lack of trackers code signatures, for example here: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/search/org.airvpn.eddie


New in version 2.2:

  • AirVPN servers and OpenVPN profiles can now be connected without ordering the current active connection to end
  • informative message dialogs can now be shown/hidden according to user's settings
  • Settings activity is now organized as expandable view
  • Minor bug fixes

See the changelog for the complete list.

Main features:

  • Free and open source OpenVPN GUI based on OpenVPN 3
  • The only Android application officially developed by AirVPN
  • Robust, best effort prevention of traffic leaks outside the VPN tunnel
  • Battery-conscious application
  • Low RAM footprint
  • Ergonomic and friendly interface
  • Ability to start and connect the application at device boot
  • Option to define which apps must have traffic inside or outside the VPN tunnel through white and black list
  • Localization in Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Full integration with AirVPN
  • Enhanced security thanks to locally stored encrypted data through master password
  • Quick one-tap connection and smart, fully automated server selection
  • Smart server selection with custom settings
  • Manual server selection
  • Smart attempts to bypass OpenVPN blocks featuring protocol and server fail-over
  • Full Android TV compatibility including D-Pad support. Mouse emulation is not required.
  • Enhancements aimed to increase accessibility and comfort to visually impaired persons
  • AirVPN servers sorting options
  • Customizable "Favorite" and "Forbidden" servers and countries
  • OpenVPN mimetype support to import profiles from external applications
  • Multiple OpenVPN profile support. The app now imports and manages multiple OpenVPN profiles
  • Support for custom bootstrap servers
  • Support for favorite and forbidden countries
  • AirVPN broadcast messages support
  • User's subscription expiration date is shown in login/connection information
  • The app is aware of concurrent VPN use. In case another app is granted VPN access, Eddie acts accordingly and releases VPN resources
  • Optional local networks access. In such case, local network devices are exempted from the VPN and can be accessed within the local devices
  • Localization override. User can choose the default language and localization from one of the available ones
  • Favorite and forbidden lists can be emptied with a single tap
  • VPN Lock can now be disabled or enabled from settings
  • VPN reconnection in case of unexpected OpenVPN disconnection. (It requires VPN Lock to be disabled)
  • User can generate an OpenVPN profile for any AirVPN server or country and save it in OpenVPN profile manager
  • Server scoring algorithm implementing the latest AirVPN balancing factors in order to determine the best server for quick connection
  • Network name and extra information are shown along with network type
  • Device network status management


Changelog 2.2 beta 1 (VC 19) - Release date: 03 April 2019 by ProMIND


- [ProMIND] addAirVpnServer() is now synchronized


- [ProMIND] connectServer(): in case of active VPN connection, it sets a pending connection and disconnects the current one


- [ProMIND] Profiles can now be loaded when the VPN is connected
- [ProMIND] connectOpenVPNProfile(): in case of active VPN connection, it sets a pending connection and disconnects the current one


- [ProMIND] Formatter.format() now uses LogRecord.getMillis() time


- [ProMIND] Overridden onBackPressed(): it now closes the drawer in case it is open
- [ProMIND] updateConnectionStatus(): start a new connection upon disconnection in case there is a pending connection set


- [ProMIND] updateNotification(): moved "pause" and "lock" strings to the beginning of message status


- [ProMIND] connectToNextServer(): it now checks OpenVPN profile before starting a new connection


- [ProMIND] Added show message dialogs setting
- [ProMIND] Implemented expandable view for each settings category


- [ProMIND] Added methods areMessageDialogsEnabled() and setMessageDialogsEnabled()


- [ProMIND] create256BitEncryptionKey(): key length is now delegated to SecretKeySpec() constructor


- [ProMIND] Added methods setPendingProfileInfo() and getPendingProfileInfo()
- [ProMIND] Added methods setOpenVpnProfile() and getOpenVpnProfile()
- [ProMIND] Added methods setPendingOpenVpnProfile() and getPendingOpenVpnProfile()
- [ProMIND] Added methods setPendingProgressMessage() and getPendingProgressMessage()



Kind regards and datalove

AirVPN Staff

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