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ANSWERED Virgin Media downgrading AirVpn traffic on 350mbit only!

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I was on Virgin Media's 100/6 mbit service, AirVPN, connected via OpenVPN on R700 router running DD-WRT. I would reliably get 90+ down and 6up, this was irrespective on TCP/UDP option. This was great.


A few days ago I upgraded to the new 350/20 mbit service. I get the full 20 up, but the down is limited to 50 via AirVPN, I switched from UDP to TCP and it went up to 70.


The VM service is working as I am getting 350/20 when connected directly.


I have tried.


1. Multiple servers in different countries.

2. UDP/TCP option

3. Different ports

4. Reset router

5. Used Eddie directly on server rather than through DD-WRT.


My conclusion is that only on the 350 service VM are limiting the speed, and that are doing this differently depending on the protocol.


I appreciate this is not an AirVPN issue, but maybe someone on here has some advice.



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Have you also tested connections to port 443 of entry-IP address 3, in TCP? If so, can you please report back?


Connections to entry-IP address 3 feature "tls-crypt", which encrypts the whole OpenVPN Control Channel, making OpenVPN fingerprint no more detectable (not even by DPI). OpenVPN 2.4 or higher version is required.


Kind regards

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For reasons unknown, this afternoon it kicked in at full speed without making the changes you suggested.


I am now getting 120mbit to 280mbit up depending on the server.


I wonder if this was related to the speed upgrade only occurring yesterday. I will monitor it carefully over the next few weeks and if this issue reoccurs I will post again.

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