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No Netflix again

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Hi Guys, I know this is a recurrent topic, but after reading the "Is A Website Blocked?.." thread and I'd say that there is a problem.


I am testing AirVPN from two days ago and so far so good. But today Netflix service stoped... the same old statement "Oops something went wrong.... Proxy Detected" popped up on the screen.


I tried 3 different server:


Dallas Texas-Ran

Miami Yildun

Miami Acamar


Netflix works the first 2 or 3 hours and then boom... just stop. I have no DSN leak or ISP problem. When I check the Netflix URL into the Route Checking tool all server has a red light in the HTTP column... is that OK? Is that related to the Netflix problem?

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no comments from moderators nor support staffs after one week?


They have commented in the forums many times. They have basically said that if they find that an IP address in their inventory is not blocked, they will direct traffic through it. This rarely lasts long.


There are many here (like me - for years now) who use AirVPN for privacy. And for the fact that it works well for torrenting, where most don't. So we accept this. I think this is why you see little complaining about this in the forums.


The one issue I see though is that it still says this on the "Home" page:


"Circumvent censorship, georestriction and traffic shaping." The keyword there is "georestriction".


This may in fact be misleading? Maybe this should be qualified a bit?

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As far as we can see Netflix USA (but only USA, note) is accessible from all of our VPN servers. Currently we have no clue about why you can access it for 2 or 3 hours and then nothing. When the problem occurs, are you still connected to the VPN and using the VPN DNS?


Kind regards

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