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Previously, the location given through AirVPN by DNS was close to where the server was provisioned, but lately I have been getting bizarre locations.  For example, I'm currently connected to Metallah/Pennsylvania, but it's showing my location as South Africa.  I've had it give me other odd locations as well.  This has become an issue because some of the sites I use require me to be in the US, and they don't work when I use AirVPN.  The location really should stick to where the server is located for ease of use.



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IP-API reports this:

$ curl ip-api.com/
  "country"     : "United States",
  "countryCode" : "US",
  "region"      : "NY",
  "regionName"  : "New York",
  "city"        : "New York",
  "district"    : "",
  "zip"         : "10123",
  "lat"         : 40.7433,
  "lon"         : -74.0079,
  "timezone"    : "America/New_York",
  "isp"         : "VolumeDrive",
  "org"         : "Volumedrive cloud services",
  "as"          : "AS46664 VolumeDrive",
  "mobile"      : false,
  "proxy"       : false,
  "query"       : ""

Therefore, simply a GeoIP database error.


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I was also connected to Metallah two days ago, and which is supposed to be Pennsylvania, but when I logged onto Discover's site to pay a credit card bill, they sent an email saying that I had logged in outside of the US (South Africa) and locked my account.  I checked my IP and it showed Pennsylvania (using https://www.cogipas.com/whats-my-ip/). 


Where did they get South Africa from?  I can't see that.  I am not in South Africa either, so it's not like the VPN failed and they saw my true IP.


This happened a month ago too when I signed up for accounts on AliExpress.  One time they said the account was signed up from Greece and when I signed up for a second account, they said it was from South Africa.  I had AirVPN during the creation of both accounts, but was always logged into US servers.


I don't understand what is going on.  And I can't see this problem myself, but Discover and AliExpress apparently can.

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The issue is only with IP2Location database, DB-IP and Maxmind appear to be correct:



Such corrections are harder to make since the entire IP block belongs to AFRINIC RIR, and

because of shortage in IPv4 addresses providers usually rent or resell IPs even from different continents.

Moreover, the WHOIS information of the datacenter also indicates South Africa, which will make the

request even longer to process.


This is the only server in US with such issue, another server is Tegmen (CA) which is incorrectly shown

to be geolocated in Seychelles, again because of an AFRINIC IP:


Just avoid these 2 servers if a correct GeoIP location across all databases is absolutely crucial for you.


This is not necessary a critical thing, some VPN providers build entire businesses around fake geo locations.

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On 4/13/2019 at 5:21 PM, jwake said:

Metallah [showing as] South Africa


I can confirm this as well. I recently logged into my work email with the VPN up and my IT dept asked if I was using a VPN because it showed me logging in from South Africa.

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