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Eddie for Android - unexpected logout

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I run Android 7.0 on an LG K10 smartphone.

When I switched from OpenVPN to Eddie things worked out fine at first.

I haven't messed around with the settings or anything, but now I notice that Eddie will disconnect from the VPN and logout without warning, thus leaving my phone exposed. 

Is it just me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards

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If OpenVPN can not maintain the connection and needs to quit, Eddie must lock communications before OpenVPN quits. Eddie features the most effective, best effort leak prevention currently available in any OpenVPN 3 based application running in an un-rooted Android system. The leak prevention system has been thoroughly tested in months of heavy usage by several hundreds of beta testers, but if you find any missed lock do not hesitate to report.


Kind regards

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Well then, I certainly would be interested in your interpretation of the message "Eddie is not currently connected. Device traffic is not protected."
This message appears after about one hour of the phone in sleep mode with Eddie running in the background. When I click on "quick connect" Eddie will first ask for me to log in with my master password. 
This is the log:


Eddie Log created on 07 Jan 2019 19:07:02 UTC

Eddie for Android 2.0.1 Version Code 14

Eddie Library 1.3.1 - 5 November 2018

Eddie Library API level 5

Architecture: armeabi-v7a (Arm 32 bit)

Platform: Android

Manufacturer: LGE

Model: LG-M250

Device: mlv5

Brand: lge

Product: mlv5_global_com

Android API Level: 24

Android Version Release: 7.0

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From your description Eddie just started. Since you say that you had launched Eddie an hour before, a possible chain of events is: Eddie started, Eddie crashed, Eddie re-started. Maybe the whole OpenVPN library was brought down, maybe not (in the first case traffic leaks would have been unavoidable).


Do you have the option to take a logcat? If so, please send it to us in private (open a ticket) to protect your privacy. We have edited the log you posted for the same purpose.



Kind regards

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