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LZ4 compression. is it safe/suggested to use with Airvpn?

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I've read several places its not suggested to use LZ4 compression.   i have also verified with the Eddie client lzo compression is  turned OFF.


using my pfsense router should i try Lz4  or is this not suggested going forward?    or any links in explaining this i would appreciate it


thank you

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Currently our VPN servers are configured to not use compression, so you can't use LZO or LZ4 with AirVPN. Some old compression vulnerability is therefore resolved at its roots. Furthermore, the incompatibility between "comp-lzo" and "compress" directives (a mutual incompatibility which sooner or later might have a dramatic impact) should be more easily solved in due time.


Kind regards

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hope you don't mind if i bump this again.

in 2.4.4 p3 Pfsense the options for the client are omit preference + disabled adaptive lzo

or Omit  Preference + disabled adaptive lzo

lastly  no lzo compression legacy style comp lzo NO

what is the suggested setting per staff?

thank you

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