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100 errors?

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What does it mean when the IPleak dns test comes back with 100 errors?


Specifically what do the errors signify is wrong or not happening?

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That's kind of what I'm trying to ask about. When the IPLeak test runs it comes back with this:



When it should come back with this:



What do the 100 errors signify? What do they indicate has gone wrong?

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If your IP and DNS addresses match and are from an Air server, then you're good. The errors (red LEDs) shown say that ipv6 isn't working, not reachable and can't be used as a browser fallback, that's all.


The 100 errors you refer to might be the DNS tests, a blue bar that counts down from 100? That test should end up with only one DNS server with the same ip address as the exit node (Your IP Address).

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Yeah i know what it does (visually) and what it should do. What i want to know though is what does it mean when the dns test counts down from 100 and gives 100 errors?


If all 100 come back as errored does that mean 100 were found but failed to make a connection?


Does it mean 100 dns servers weren't found and nothing was checked? If so why did this happen?


What is actually going on when the countdown happens is what I'm trying to ascertain. How does it work? And more importantly when the countdown is finished and 100 errors are given what does this mean in terms of:


How do i fix it so it no longer gives 100 errors and instead gives me just the 1 dns server I'm meant to be seeing?


Diagnostically speaking telling me there are 100 errors means nothing. I need to know what the errors signify if I'm going to work out why I'm getting 100 of them.

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