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China - latency - only 1 Japan server gives good latency when connecting from China

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Hi, when, if ever will there be more Japan servers? (Question to staff)


At least another one would be nice. It's the ONLY server which gives a good latency when connecting from China.


For example, the Japan based Iskandar server can achieve 79ms whereas all the others start at 190ms + when connecting from China.


Can other China users verify this is the case for them, too? (All China users reading this please comment about your latency!....)



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Have you tried tracing to the alternate entry IP addresses? In my experience routing can change drastically from entry IP 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. And, before you ask, that has nothing to do with AirVPN.

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Yes, in fact only method of entries '3' and '4' work well and consistently within China.


The simple fact is that most servers are based geographically far away from China, so latency is something of an issue for China users.  The solution would be more Japan-based servers.


The Japan server is pretty damn quick due to the distance, but is the only one which is (in my experience) - I'm only talking about latency here though, not overall connection speed. Purely the latency of the connection.


The point is - that It would be nice to have more than one good-latency server for those connecting from China. To get something below 100ms on a consistent basis, the only and sole Japan server is the only way of doing this (AirVPN).

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You're not likely to get an answer that contains specifics, as Staff don't tend to tell the community beforehand. New locations or additions to existing ones simply appear, when and if they're needed and meet the location requirements that Air specified at the outset. It wasn't long ago that there were no Japanese servers at all, mind you .

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