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ProtonVPN Uses IKEv2 for the Mac client

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I got a email that the macOS client will use the IVEv2 but on the website it says.


We exclusively use VPN protocols which are known to be secure(OpenVPN). Even though they are less costly to operate, you will not find ProtonVPN servers that support PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.Source  source





ProtonVPN’s macOS app contains several advantages over using an OpenVPN application like Tunnelblick. First, the macOS application uses the modern IKEv2 protocol which can sometimes allow for higher performance compared to OpenVPN.


Leaked NSA presentations released by Der Spiegel indicate that IKE is being exploited in an unknown manner to decrypt IPSec traffic, as is ISAKMP.[17] The researchers who discovered the Logjam attack state that breaking a 1024-bit Diffie–Hellman group would break 66% of VPN servers, 18% of the top million HTTPS domains, and 26% of SSH servers, which the researchers claim is consistent with the leaks.[18]

IPSec VPN configurations which allow for negotiation of multiple configurations are subject to MiTM-based downgrade attacks between the offered configurations, with both IKEv1 and IKEv2.[19] This can be avoided by careful segregation of client systems onto multiple service access points with stricter configurations.



What do you think about this, comments?

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Staff commented on the use of that protocol once, so for them this is presumably nothing new .


We never liked the fact (even in the 90ies when NSA appeared much less "malignant" than now) that IPsec development has been led by NSA and that it runs in kernel space. Performance is not inherent to IPsec (OpenVPN can easily near-match IPsec) but depends on several other factors, including ciphers. Kind regards

Moderators do not speak on behalf of AirVPN. Only the Official Staff account does. Please also do not run Tor Exit Servers behind AirVPN, thank you.
Did you make a guide or how-to for something? Then contact me to get it listed in my new user guide's Guides Section, so that the community can find it more easily.

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