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Since it is not very easy to use a VPN from countries like Iran a recorded a tutorial on how to use airvpn from these countries:




The videos are hosted on my website and on youtube. The reason is that it is not possible to access youtube from Iran.




It would be nice if you could share this with your friends in Iran, China, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and provide feedback if this method works.

You can also download this video from my website to make it easier to share and spread the word.

A video on how to use stunnel on android will follow and also published on this site.


Update on 6.1.2018:


The Video for Android is finally published:




For all who suffer from youtube censorship this is the link for you:


Second Video on the page

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A simpler setup with the same anti-blocking effectiveness can be achieved with the following connection mode which does not require any additional SSL tunnel:


- entry-IP address 3

- protocol TCP

- port 443


In the Configuration Generator, please tick "Advanced Mode" to display all the available connection modes.


If you run Eddie on a desktop computer, connection modes are available in "Preferences" > "Protocols" and they are selectable after you untick "Automatic".


Kind regards

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@Staff I realise that I'm bumping an old topic but it's interesting what you say about using TCP 443 instead of SSL 443. I appreciate the overhead of the additional encryption of the SSL tunnel on top of OpenVPN. But if an ISP shapes the traffic using DPI, don't you still leave yourself open to being detected as using a VPN with the TCP 443 option?

BTW, I don't live in Iran or anywhere that restrictive, I just like being as hidden as possible (within limits of course)...

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