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Using AirVPN with ChromeOS (ChromeBook, ChromeBit etc)

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About ChromeOS / ChromiumOS


Chromium OS (or Chrome OS) is an operating system designed by Google that is based on the GNU/Linux kernel and uses Google Chrome web browser as its main user interface.
CloudReady is the free, easy way to convert your computer to Chrome.




  • Go to Client Area > Config Generator in our web site, choose ChromeOS and other options.
  • Download files: you need user certificate "user.p12" file and Openvpn connection "<filename>.onc" file. (If you download the ".zip" archive format that contains "user.p12" and "<filename>.onc" you must extract the archive to have the two files outside the archive as two single files on the system. See How to Unzip Files on ChromeOS.)
  • Click your bottom-right panel, and then the gear to open the control panel.


  • Type "certificates" in the search box and select Manage Certificates. In some version of ChromeOS the certificates menu entry is accessible only in the browser: open chrome://settings/certificates in the browser


  • On "Your Certificates" tab, click "IMPORT AND BIND", and select the "user.p12" file. If asked, leave password empty. You should now see your certificate and “(hardware-backed)” if done correctly.
  • Note: if "IMPORT AND BIND" is not available it's because in your device TPM chip is disabled or not available, see here. With no Bind ("hardware-backed") certificates the VPN connection cannot work.




  • In the browser, open chrome://net-internals , and click ChromeOS at the bottom


  • Choose File. Select the .onc file. It will look like it did nothing.


  • Now in your bottom-right panel, you will have a VPN connection.


  • Click to connect. If you are forced to enter a password, type anything, it doesn't matter what.


  • Check whether connection is ok in the bottom-right panel.


Many thanks to @nopcode85 for his help.

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