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ANSWERED I cannot connect to AirVPN on Android through OpenVPN...

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First of all, I would like to declare that I read and implemented this post:




On OpenVPN, I imported the config file that I generated through AirVPN, and when it comes to activating that config file, I just cannot confirm the dialogue box showing up. It is displaying that there is a connection request and OpenVPN for android wants to set up a VPN connection that allows it to monitor network traffic.


I just cannot click OK when this dialogue box pops up... I tried all kinds of things that I thought would affect the result without any success such as giving storage permission to OpenVPN, generating the config file as both UDP and TCP, selecting platform as both Android and Linux, as well as selecting various servers. Don't know what else I can do. I even tried to directly connect to VPN without OpenVPN through Android VPN settings.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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Do you have an app which "draws" over the screen? (e.g. Twilight, filters blue from the screen at night) when you have such an app active you can't do some thing like install apps. Because this could be a security issue. Go to settings->apps, click the gear. Bottom of the page special access. Draw over other apps. And disable all the apps active in that section.


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I wonder if anyone can help me. I've just registered on airvpn and paid for a month access.

I'm using an android phone to connect to the deep web so downloaded openvpn to go with the config from airvpn.


This all seems fine so far and a connection is established using the airvpn configuration.

So my question may seem a bit dumb but what next? Does this mean I can just freely access the deep web or do i need to go through another app like orbot for tor.


If so how would I do this?

I'm obviously pretty clueless...

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TOR is required for access to the "deep web".  Sorry, I don't have any additional details on how to set it up for you.  AirVPN, provides another level of VPN protections, but has nothing directly to do with TOR. 


I suggest you search the forums for pointers or failing that, start a thread specifically about setting up TOR with OpenVPN for Android.

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