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Hey all,

This is my second Day with AirVPN. I'm merely testing the water so I've signed up for 3 days. Initially I was drawn by the famous Network Lock, however right now it seems to be causing me trouble. Anyway, here's what I want to do.

I would like to use tunnel only on certain sites. Therefore, I have been using the "Routes" option in the Eddie preference tab. From there, I've set the "Note Specified Routes go:" to Outside of Tunnel.
All the sites that I want to be accessing through the tunnel are added to the list with the Action "Inside the VPN Tunnel". Everything works as expected and I've been testing with Ipleak.net to make sure.

From there, I noticed the little message that says "Ip in 'Outside of Tunnel' are also unlocked When Netowrk Lock is active'", which according to my understanding means that even with NL active, if a certain ip is set to be Outside the Tunnel, it will remain accesible. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Therefore, with my current setup, every single site should still be accessible with NL on, and only the sites that are specifically listed to "Inside Tunnel" should lose their connection upon VPN failure. Correct?

However, it seems that when I turn on NL. I lose Access to every single site, whether they be Inside or Outside the Tunnel. Is this a bug, or I'm I just massively misunderstanding this.

I could go with regular windows Iptables, but I'd rather use Eddie as it's much more user friendly.

Thanks in Advance!

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