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Senate votes to let ISPs sell your Web browsing history to advertisers

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It is not restricted to sales to advertisers, some information is more valuable:

for employment agencies and HR and Security departments of corporations,

for rental property managers to select and monitor tenants,

for banks to get early warning for premptive foreclosure if health/employment problems,

for investigators to sell current details to ex-partners wanting to harass and avenge to feed their psycho obsessions, or for employees to bring down their hated bosses, or for small business to eliminate competitors with creative sabotage, ...


One could expect that ISPs will try to eliminate VPNs, the SSL/443 cover tunnel might have to be more irregular like HTTPS web page access and some other disguises.


Glad I am not a North Korean or an American.

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Looks like VPN sales might go up, yet again.


I have had VPN 24/7 on a few different providers for the past two years straight.


That sure as hell isn't changing anytime soon.

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Every time news like this comes out, I'm happy to hear that there is more recognition and use of VPNs because of stuff like this, but really it bothers me because once it becomes mainstream, it will become a bigger target for blocks, laws restricting them, etc.

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I am worried about what these terrorists will do to stop the vpn access now, blacklist the vpn providers ip addresses or is there more

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The destruction of "net neutrality" and the fight by oligarch corporations and funds for kingdoms and fiefdoms to monetize the internet may have all sorts of impacts, rather like Game of Thrones dramas.

ln some ways similar to the Great Firewall of China perhaps, but different due "capitalism with Chinese characteristics" vs "fascism with American characteristics".

Walls work both ways, internet services can avoid direct jurisdiction and intervention by the US government and corporations, but Americans are fenced inside by their masters, physically and digitally.

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