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Eddie with other providers or custom OpenVPN configuration files

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Eddie can use any OpenVPN configuration file, even of course pertaining to servers from our competitors.


The UI is not yet enabled by default, use Preferences -> Advanced -> Multi-provider support.


Note that AirVPN account or subscription is not required: AirVPN can even be totally removed as VPN provider.


Remember: The features 'Pick port/protocol', SSH/SSL tunnels, 'Check Tunnel' and 'Check DNS' are AirVPN servers specific, so they will not be performed on other .ovpn files.




Please report in this forum your experience with Eddie and other VPN providers, even if it works perfectly, thanks.


The full conversion of Eddie to a generic OpenVPN wrapper is still under development, currently it's an hybrid (for example Settings contains AirVPN specific options that will be moved in the future).


This is a subforum related only to Eddie. For discussion about other VPN providers, please use this subforum

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