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Unable to access anything other than UK Netflix

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I'm a user in the UK and I'd like to be able to access US Netflix, but no matter what server I try (I've tried US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany), I get routed to Netflix in the UK. I've read all the other forum posts about Netflix that seem to suggest you should receive US Netflix from any server, but even after clearing the cache etc. it routes me to the UK every time. Can anyone shed any light on this as it's a real deal breaker for me if I can't get access to any other Netflix catalogues.



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If you just read posts from the last few months from various sources such as Torrent Freak you will find that Netflix has been "opening up" in specific national markets, and trying to enforce geofencing territories, which is the old 20th Century distribution model of the film industry, especially Hollywood. I have not been following closely, but they seem fairly effective in blocking many VPNs and using various "location service" techniques. I am still trying to find out why www.doileak.com can see my timezone as Australia/Sydney whichever global VPN server I use, and how to change it.

In Australia, Netflix now offer an very reduced and out of date catalog compared to the US. Many ex US Netflix subscribers are now blocked and angry, not sure if their subs got refunded ! Some legal opinion expressed is that such geofencing violates the Australia USA Free Trade Agreement, so Netflix are a type of "criminal". Given that most people cannot obtain recompense through whatever, a common recommendation is to get a VPN and a bittorrent client such as qBittorrent which searches torrent site indexes to find any movies that they want to watch at desired resolution, and a capable media player such as VLC. You just have to wait a bit for the download, although some new clients (sites, trackers ?) are appearing that try to stream torrents in sequence.

Various opinion is that 2016 is a lousy year for movies, with silly superheroes, and worn out franchise sequels. But bittorrent also has a lot of TV/cable series which might never come to your area, or be on Netflix. And lots of music when you tire of movies. But do go to some concerts and bars with live performers to nurture the arts. Sometimes I can buy their CDs at the venue, and hope they get to keep most of the money.

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How can netflix see that someone is connected through vpn, even when ssl is going through port 443?

Some new tracking technique no one knows about?


they block the IP address of the VPN servers, nothing special.

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you obviously haven't read all the threads here.   I'm surprised you can access ANY netflix while on VPN.





Tried dozens of servers


Gave up streaming from netflix and started downloading season packs instead via torrents 

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