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For whatever reason Eddie, stable and experimental, erases my settings (whitelisted servers, username and password, whenever I restart my system when Eddie is connected.   This is very annoying to have to redo everything simply because it assumes there was a system crash.  Any idea why it does this or how to prevent this from happening.


​I'm using windows 10 x64


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I've read about this a couple of times. With a quick search I found AirVPN client loose saved data after reboot. If you want more, try searching yourself. Use alternate words if you don't find anything.


Some advice: I noticed, searching avoids locked threads.

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​I tried that, except that everything I was able to find was linux related and had nothing to do with Windows.


It's the same, please make sure to shut down Eddie properly. All the settings are written in AirVPN.xml, so if .NET or Mono do some caching you could prevent the proper writing of the settings (according to your description, maybe you don't shut down Eddie properly).


If you lose your settings even if you shut Eddie down properly, then please feel free to describe the exact steps to reproduce the problem (because we can't reproduce it).


Kind regards

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