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VPN over SSL Tunnel

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Hi Forum,


I am new to the AirVPN Service. It got my attention because it is one of the few service offering many alternative connection options if an ISP, Admin or Firewall blocks VPN connections. One of which would be the SSL Tunnel for Port 443. 


Using the recommended server option this connection works but I tried to connect to a server in Europe, for example all German servers as well as one in Austria and the connection failed. Switching to one in Canada the connection worked flawlessly. Now even some servers in Canada do not work. 


What can cause this issue?  


I have attached my log files. 


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Hello !


Welcome to AirVPN.


I don't know which Windows you're running, but, maybe you should take a look at the TAP driver:






Since I see you're apparently running TAP driver 9.21, which is exactly the one which has issues, as per the 2nd link.


Your log also says "2016.06.21 12:27:39 - IPv6 restored.", I don't know if that means you've got IPv6 enabled. If so, maybe you could try turning it off.

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Hi LZ1,


thank you very much. I am running on Windows 8.1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the AirVPN client. Also I uninstalled the OpenVPN software I had as a standalone on my machine. This helped apparently since the last four connections I tried were all ok. One thing though, as I chose SSL Tunnel as the connection option the software wanted to install tunnel driver but said failed to install tunnel driver. 

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