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ANSWERED Guide - Fix for TAP adapter in Windows

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Not included into any "tap.bat" files/scripts....ARP flushing......


netsh interface ip delete arpcache



File/Script uploaded.....


Enjoy & Happy Browsing,



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@Staff suggestion---->>>change from UDP to TCP protocol.


If you set the following connection mode:

- entry-IP address 3
- protocol TCP
- port 443

you will make OpenVPN fingerprint non-detectable, not even with DPI. Thus you will dramatically lower the likelihood that they can detect your traffic as "VPN traffic".

Also remember to rotate servers periodically to avoid high volumes of traffic to/from the same IP address.

Kind regards

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Rotating Servers  .... Automatically.


Also remember to rotate servers periodically to avoid high volumes of traffic to/from the same IP address.

I have a different solution to offer you for Windows.(See below)

File Uploaded.



1. A time countdown (e.g. 3600 seconds).

2. You specify the countdown VALUE that you want.(time specified*)

3. Next the Tap/VPN adapter(s) will be disabled**....forcing OpenVPN to restart the session(s).

4. Tap/VPN adapter(s) will be re-enabled..in 10 seconds due time.

5. OpenVPN session(s) will now reconnect.


*If you wish to reset the countdown to a new VALUE close the script and run it again.

**This is only temporary not permanent.

Tested in Windows 7 and 10.



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Tap adapter keep-alive and Rotating Servers .... Automatically.



What the above script does(self-explanatory):


Even though that I prefer to run tap.bat and reconnect.openvpn.at.time.specified.bat side by side. Now you don't have to anymore.


tap.bat and reconnect.openvpn.at.time.specified.bat are now "grouped" together.


If you prefer to connect/re-connect manually it's your choice.


The .ovpn file that you use to connect you will have to add/modify to:



remote serverIP1 443

remote serverIP2 443

remote serverIP3 443

remote serverIP4 443




remote gb3.vpn.airdns.org 443
remote no3.vpn.airdns.org 443
remote nl3.vpn.airdns.org 443
remote ro3.vpn.airdns.org 443
remote us3.vpn.airdns.org 443
remote ca3.vpn.airdns.org 443




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Tested in Windows 10 .

Purpose: reconnecting on the fly to the server(s) specified in the .ovpn file (see above)

Addressing the tap-adapter(s) devices directly by disable/enable therefore disconnect/reconnect to a new server.

Random values(integer number) for timeout/countdown function:


Updating/Checking the VPN/tap-adapter(s) DHCP mode aka Keep-Alive.

When to Restart OpenVPN session/connection.



If you prefer to set your own Integer value for when to reconnect(see below).






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The random time interval for/when rotating servers. Apparently the random value set will flux from give or take ~200/300 secs to whatever higher value.
Issue: Reconnecting to a new server every 200-300 secs in 1 out of 10/20/30 loops/cycles.
Now resolved/fixed. New File Uploaded.



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The new script uploaded will delete all* your OpenVPN *.log files.

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

*When OpenVPN/OpenVPN-GUI is running your airvpn.ovpn you will get the above "error". All other *.log files not in use will be deleted.


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On 9/23/2016 at 3:00 PM, 3vSIMdRVv6Q1TmbFsIiP8QV8 said:

Thanks for this post


Thanks for this post... this does describe the problem I've been having. My tunnel seems to collapse at 11:59 am and pm with at lest one more random time during the day. 

I've done as instructed with the .bat file, now there is a cmd window open and counting down from 300, with "press any key to continue...." do I need to leave that open? 

Thanks again, I hope this keeps my connection on 24/7 with the client.

What are you "Confused" about?

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On 4/3/2018 at 3:34 PM, sh4rp87 said:

Don't know if it helps... but I'm using this .bat on my connection with lot of disconnects and client/TAP adapters hangs with great success

Replace VPN with the name of your TAP inteface


This is the script that runs on VPN down


@echo off
netsh interface set interface VPN admin=disable
timeout /t 2 /nobreak
netsh interface set interface VPN admin=enable
timeout /t 2 /nobreak
taskkill /IM AirVpn.exe /F
taskkill /IM openvpn.exe /F
timeout /t 5 /nobreak
start "" "C:\Program Files\AirVPN\AirVPN.exe" & exit
@RebMusaPlease address your question(s) to the OP of this post.

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Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come up...
Another reason why that error appears and so many get this?
port 68 and/or port 67 is blocked by the firewall.

and end with "Initialization Sequence Completed With Errors/CONNECTED,ERROR,"
Do not add port 53 to the list. Also do not add port 67 or 68 to the svc.block list.
Set svchost.exe as "Outgoing Only". A more detailed example (See above post in "for svchost.exe" example)
In other words if those ports are blocked;establishing a connection to the server will not occur/happen.
How to fix the above:
In Comodo-->Firewall-->Network Zones
tap.mac.all<-Add the tap mac address
tap.link.local.fe80<-Add the IPv6(fe80:) of the tap adapter
airvpn-ip-range<-Add the Assigned IPv4 (10.x)
AirVPN.IPv6.range<-Add the Assigned IPv6(fde6:)
Click reconnect....now it will work


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How do I import/deploy any of the above config files?
Comodo Internet Security Premium(Install only Antivirus & Firewall)
Native OpenVPN 2.5
1.Comodo->Main Panel->Firewall Tasks->Click "Open Advanced Settings"
2.Comodo Advanced Settings->General Settings->User Interface->Click "Set Password"->Change the password after Import(Step4) Activate(Step5).
3.Comodo Advanced Settings->General Settings->Logging->Change it as you like.
4.Comodo Advanced Settings->General Settings->Configuration->Click "Import"
Change the name of the imported config to one that you prefer(e.g. AirVPN config).
Note: You can revert back to your own config at any time you desire.
5.Click "Activate" on the newly "AirVPN config" imported profile.
6.Comodo Advanced Settings->Antivirus->Leave it as it is.*
7.Comodo Advanced Settings->Firewall->Firewall Settings->Leave it as it is.*
8.Comodo Advanced Settings->Firewall->Application Rules->Click "Purge"(Each section that has that option not just the Firewall one)
Add your own applications to that list.(browsers/torrent clients etc.)-->Assign a custom rule(Step10)
9.Comodo Advanced Settings->Firewall->Global Rules->Adjust/Modify if needed.
10.Comodo Advanced Settings->Firewall->Rulesets->Pre-set rules to pick from are already there.
11.Comodo Advanced Settings->Firewall->Network Zones->ADD/MODIFY (home/LANIP/MAC/FE80 ETC.)**
12.Comodo Advanced Settings->Firewall->PortSets->Adjust/Modify if needed.
13.Comodo Advanced Settings->HIPS->Leave it as it is.*
14.Comodo Advanced Settings->Containment->Leave it as it is.*
15.Comodo Advanced Settings->File Rating->Leave it as it is.*
16.Comodo Advanced Settings->Advanced Protection->Leave it as it is.*
17.Comodo Advanced Settings->Website Filtering->Leave it as it is.*
Note:If you wish to use your own nameservers(e.g. for DNS.
In Comodo Advanced Settings->Firewall->Network Zones->global.servers set them as IP-range(the way it is now). If they are defined as single IP(airvpn server); local nameservers will be blocked by Windows Operating System (pre-set rule->local.IPv6).
Good Luck!
Enjoy & Regards,

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Examples posted in this topic are not "perfect". In the end what is?
Content was added in due-time and as "things" developed/progressed at AirVPN. 
You do NOT have to use the Comodo configs illustrated here.
Please use Eddie app or create your own crafted config for Comodo.
In my opinion I thought this would help at least the members of AirVPN that still use Windows OS platform(s).
Thanks to all that contributed! 

So long,

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