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Most people that has been around internet for the last couple of months should have noticed what i feel is the agressive marketing from TunnelBear.


Am i the only one that gets a sort of weird feeling from them?


It's hard to pinpoint but the fact that they go from a what seems to be farily unknown provider/nothing at all to a provider that's everywhere and even sponsors youtube videos(linus tech tips for instance).


Even the very polished and cute homepage throws me off a bit, but maybe that's just me. They have even managed to translate their clients to 16 languages


What do you guys think? 

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Never heard of them. how long have they been in the market?


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Hello !


What zhang888 said. I've known about them for a long time. I consider them a barebones VPN for those who don't want to pay.


So I suppose it's the you get what you pay for, principle.

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They were one of the bumps in my road to finding my favorite VPN service


Tried it to bypass some youtube georestrictions.


Very easy. A on/off button if i remember right. Probably had massive DNS-leaks but didnt know/care back then 

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