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Forwarded ports being blocked after a few weeks.

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I am using a USA server and have noticed strange behavior in the past month ( not saying it started then, but noticed it ) . When I create a new forward port it works fine for a few weeks, then it stops working. I have to use another port ( not previously used ) in order to get it working again. 


My isp is comcast and I know they are know for shady things like this ( the netflix slowdown comes to mind )  


Is airvpn aware of this happening on USA servers?


I just wanted to make users aware because I spent some time looking at my config before realizing the port was being blocked. My last port was set two weeks ago, today I found that it has been blocked and had to change it. 

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I used Comcast and USA servers. I don't find ports being blocked even if I haven't used those ports for a few weeks. In fact I've used the same ports for the past few months. Just my 2 cents (opinion)..

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This same thing happened to me within the last week AlfrShyama. Moving to Canadian servers resolved my issue. I thought it was just me, but good to know that i'm not the only one this is happening to. 


Again, after reading through the forums and other sources, there are many people who attest to the same issue with their ports being blocked on US exit servers. Try some Canadian nodes and see what your experience is. 

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