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Ongoing issues with holland vpn servers?

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Hi There,


I have to be honnest with you guys, since Airvpn left Leaseweb, I have experienced rather too often connection/stability problems, more than before. Also bandwith is a bit less satisfying than before honestly.


Now I notice that almost all Holland vpn servers are down ("high packet loss")...


I hope these issues will be fixed. I hope to see more stable connections as well.





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This is a report of what happened in the datacenter where most of our NL servers are located, directly from the company managing director.


As you might have noticed this morning, we had a critical outage starting around 11:00 AM CEST.
This outage was a result of a problem with our routing engine hitting peak memory limits which caused the engine responsible for routing to crash.

Over the past couple of months we have grown very hard in network capacity and extra servers. This was also the reason to upgrade our core network to a Juniper MX960 on June 25th 2015.
Now it seems we have outgrown the engine used for our routing and we will need more resources in order to maintain a stable connecitvity for the future.

This evening around 8:55 PM CEST we made minor changes to avoid a further downtime from happening, but unfortunately this one went wrong also.
After applying an additional patch, the same problem occurred as this morning, but we were able to resolve it very quickly to reduce downtime. The patch was also applied so no further downtime will occur .

From all of this we have learned a big lesson and we will make plans to get our core routing engine(s) updated to DOUBLE capacity in the next couple of weeks.
This will be necessary to keep room for growing without any hassle or downtimes.
I can assure you no further downtimes will occur, unless they are scheduled, and for this we will inform you on time before proceeding.

Thanks for your understanding and if you have any questions, you can address them to us at any time.


The two outages were anyway limited in time (10-15 minutes). We are confident that the datacenter operated by Instant is constantly improving the service quality. In the last months we have anyway added a significant amount of servers all around Europe to add redundancy. Our infrastructure is no more critically tied to Netherlands as it was before with Leaseweb, which (at least for the Netherlands and USA) is unfortunately no more a viable option for the service we offer to our customers. The new datacenter in the Netherlands is fully compliant to all of our requirements and the two short outages which occurred today are a minor inconvenience that should not occur anymore in this way.


Kind regards

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I really doubt that the described issue (overselling) was the cause of this. Let's see over the next few days.


"I can assure you no further downtimes will occur, unless they are scheduled, and for this we will inform you on time before proceeding."


This sounds alerting as well. In our world full of players with different interests, no one just "assures" anything.

You can assure a 99.9% uptime but then you really need to make sure that you do your best to keep out network saturation,

abusive (and also problematic DDoS attractive) customers out of your network.


I don't want to speculate, but seems there was a problematic customer GL just chose to kick this time.

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