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In-tunnel speeds are only ~60% Of out-tunnel speeds

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Despite trying multiple ports (UDP 443, UDP 80, UDP 53), my in-tunnel speeds are significantly lower than out-tunnel speeds.  Per attached Speed Test results, Download speeds are ~19 Mb/sec out of tunnel and only ~12 Mb/sec in the tunnel.


I'm using the Eddie client on Mac OS Yosemite, machine is a MacBook Pro 2015.  Both Router and client are 802.11N.


-I don't think Comcast is throttling my network and even if they are, the throttling should affect both in and out of tunnel speeds.


-I've tried the SSH and SSL ports and the In-Tunnel speeds on those are closer to 8 Mb/s...lower than my UDP ports.


-Also tried TCP ports and as expected, speeds are lower than UDP ports. 



Any suggestions or explanations for the large gap between my in and out tunnel speeds would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


Down: 19.032 Mbit/s Out, 11.900 Mbit/s In (62%), 20MB - Up: 5.469 Mbit/s Out, 5.213 Mbit/s In (95%), 20MB - Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 03:46:43 GMT - Buffers: 20MB/20MB - Laps: 10, Time: 423.95 secs

Down: 20.546 Mbit/s Out, 12.207 Mbit/s In (59%), 20MB - Up: 0.347 Mbit/s Out, 3.792 Mbit/s In (1091%), 1MB - Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 04:03:37 GMT - Buffers: 20MB/1MB - Laps: 10, Time: 398.30 secs

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Try a different server.


You do understand that when you use a vpn, any service, you lose some of the speed that you are used to. This happens because of the encrypting and decrypting that has to happen.


Thanks for the suggestion flat4 but I tried three servers and they were all in the top 3 recommendations from Eddie.  Two of them were also 1GB servers.


Yes, I do understand about the loss of speed but my understanding is that the loss should be 10-20%, not 40%....unless I'm unaware of recent developments.

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Thanks for the suggestion Go. 


I tried Ookla's speed test also.

-With AirVPN off, I got DL speed of 30 Mbps and Upload speed of 11 Mbps ( www.speedtest.net/result/4431173706.png )


-With AirVPN active, I got DL speed of 5.53 Mbps and Upload speed of 5.6 Mbps.  (http://www.speedtest.net/result/4431182250.png)



Both servers were located in Toronto, Canada. 

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