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Using AirVPN globally besides one program

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Hello I was wondering if it was possible for me to use AirVPN on all of Windows besides firefox, I'd like to use it for my daily computer use along with torrenting and other applications but I don't want to get banned on alot of sites that I use that do not allow VPN's on their sites. I'd imagine something involving proxies would be possible but I'm not sure how I'd do it exactly...

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By default, all of your system traffic is routed inside the VPN tunnel once your system is connected to the VPN itself.


If we understand correctly the problem, you would need to have only some traffic to certain web sites routed outside tunnel, so that those web sites see your real IP address and your traffic is not encrypted by the tunnel (i.e. not tunneled at all)?


If so (but please make sure that we understood correctly!) you can do so in Eddie client menu "AirVPN" -> "Preferences" -> "Routes". Make sure that the combo box "Not specified routes go:" is set to "Inside the VPN tunnel". Then add in the window (by clicking the "+" icon) all the IP addresses of those web sites for which you wish the traffic is not tunneled. Action for them is "Outside the VPN tunnel".


WARNING: all traffic to those IP addresses will not be tunneled. Not only "web traffic".


Kind regards

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