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AIR VPN Strange Upload + Glasswire 7.5gb upload in 1 Hour

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OK so today I opened up my air VPN.  on my office pc, I have it connected 24/7  as I dont want my ISP to snoop on what I do since they are my friends and competition. 

I have a 50-50MBPS.  as soon as the app came up I saw the upload speed was at 43mbps i was like WTF i quickly opened up glasswire to discover that no app was using the bandwidth but the openVPn client was uploading like it was nonones business. I looked at the history and it looks like the openvpn Daemon had uploaded 7.5GB in 1 hour.


I am very concerned. anybody have an explanation for this?  





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That was answered in your ticket, we're curious to see alternative answers from the community without influence from us.


Kind regards

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I am not really sure how this application calculates the total bandwidth, but what is the exact question?

Did you mean to say that without AirVPN your PC doesn't consume that much of outgoing traffic?


Without looking at the destination addresses it's virtually impossible to know what was the case there.


Are you sure that no P2P software of any kind was active?

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Agree, not enough data here to tell.  Since it doesn't cost me anything, I'll take a guess.  


Based on what you showed - someone accidentally hit the screen cast button on raptr and started to upload a stream of your screen?  

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It seems that your measuring software is analysing traffic from your Ethernet or wireless card likes Android does. Due to the fact that all traffic is being tunnelled thought openvpn we cannot judge if it's a client issue.

It would be great if you can change that behaviour and set it to monitor TAP-Windows adapter


Did you run air 24h? Does your computer has any scheduled task (f. Ex. Windows Update)?

What did you get in VPN total Download on Stats tab?

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-Go to the Task Manager then Resource monitor.

-Look for the app using all that bandwidth.


I'm guessing glasswire is either borked or there's some app in the background uploading and glasswire is only able to see/monitor the openvpn daemon.


I've never used glasswire so this is just a shot in the dark tbh.





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I have the same issue under Win10.1. Glasswire indicates large uploads, after a few minutes the system gets overwhelmed and internet connectivity poops the bed. This happens when I use the AirVPN client or the OpenVPN client.


I have checked Resource Monitor as RickJames suggested, it confirms openvpn.exe as the culprit.


I have not noticed a pattern as to when it happens. I have also not noticed the issue when I am running Linux (Slackware 14.2) using the OpenVPN client - that's not to say it doesn't happen, I just use openvpn a lot less under Slack.

Ideas welcome!
Thank you!

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