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Rarbg.com US dowload traffic blocked, CA web page blocked

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I have been experiencing a weird issue in the past few months when I try to access rarbg.com.

Using US servers such as "Arrakis" or "Librae" allow access to visit rarbg.com web page and I can get the torrent file but as soon as I open it in uTorrent it never connects to the tracker and will not begin downloading. I have read a bit about the issue and I guessed it might have been a simple blocking issue because accessing other torrent sites and downloads work fine. I have also checked my port forwarding and it appears to be working.


As an alternative solution, I have selected a Canadian server "Grumium" in the past three months and without changing any specific settings in my torrent client it works again even the previously unconnectable torrents were downloading...HOWEVER last week, I have noticed that the rarbg.com web page is not reachable by the browser (the browser tries connecting and then times out) while I am on Canadian "Grumium" server conncetion. The web page is reachable if I am on a US server such as "Arrakis".


So what is going on? It seems like US server is blocking the tracker traffic for downloads and the Canadian server is blocking the actual web site.

It is a weird issue.
Can you suggest a solution in order to re-establish web page and tracker download access/traffic for rarbg.com?





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more likely just coincidence with regard to being able to access the site from one server and not the other.  I'm sure the datacenters have routing problems here and there.  regarding private trackers, they block a lot of VPN.  just use DHT and peer exchange.  you don't need the private trackers.

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Have had no issues with grabbing anything from rarbg via Grumium last week, or ever really with CA servers (was there with dheneb this morning without issue), can't speak to the US ones. Everyone once in a while I get the captcha thing on the site, or a page fails and I have to refresh but that's it. But just testing right now with Grumium specifically yes it appears to be blocked, Thabit too, as well as one of the german boxes via the route checking page. I am able to seed\dl though via grumium to their trackers though so it's just a website block if anything atm like you mentioned.

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Just an fyi one can both access the site (recent change?) and trackers from Grumium again, noticed this over the weekend whatever  block rarbg had in place has been removed (my guess is they use a thridparty list and Grumium finally fell off it after whatever probably triggered it to be flagged ran it's course - like maybe temp being flagged as a tor-exit node).

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