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Two new 1 Gbit/s servers available (NL)

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We're very glad to inform you that new 1 Gbit/s servers located in the Netherlands are available: Botein and Mizar.

The AirVPN client will show automatically the new servers, while if you use the OpenVPN client you can generate all the files to access them through our configuration/certificates/key generator (menu "Client Area"->"Config generator").

The servers accept connections on ports 53, 80, 443, 2018 UDP and TCP.

Just like every other Air server, Botein and Mizar support OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH.

As usual no traffic limits, no logs, no discrimination on protocols and hardened security against various attacks with separate entry and exit-IP addresses.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or issue.

Kind regards and datalove
AirVPN Team

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Thanks for the new servers! Question though:

Netherlands has by far more servers than any other country currently. None of the servers get close to full capacity. Why add more?


Maybe some new uncharted territory would be exciting, the Ukraine server is not bad

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First, I am pleased to see that Air sees the full picture unlike other providers, that think that if a server is theoretically connected to 1Gbit, it can utilize 1Gbit of VPN encrypted link.

There are many constraints here, one of them is CPU.


See, when you have to encrypt/decrypt traffic with mixed keys for about 100-200 connected users, it is not a trivial task for the hardware.

So a server can probably reach max 400Mbit of it's real link, before the CPU reaches it's bottleneck. I took the E3-1230v3 for this quick calculation.


Regarding the servers location, I agree, maybe some new locations can be added, but that's another story

Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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Netherlands = good speeds, central location, not too harsh copyright laws = good investment

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