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AirVPN and openvpn xor.patch

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Hey, I'm looking to make my VPN more secure, as I'm in China and trying to avoid DPI. I want to know if I can use the xor patch with AirVPN. Basically, you need to add an argument to the sever side config if you wish to scramble openvpn (scramble obfuscate guardian), I'm wondering if this is supplied on the server side config.


I'm still inexperienced when it comes to networking, so you'll forgive me if it seems like an obvious question. Thanks for your help!

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At the moment we do not support this patch and we need to study it thoroughly before touching the original source code and compile it for production.


From China, it is easy to connect with OpenVPN over SSL (with Windows, Linux and OS X). In our client Eddie, click the "AirVPN" button, select "Preferences", click the "Protocols" tab, select "SSL Tunnel - Port 443" and click "Save". In this way OpenVPN tunnel will be in itself tunneled inside an SSL tunnel, so any OpenVPN "fingerprint" can't be detected by DPI.


Kind regards

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