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This is a super annoying bug if I get disconnected (either through loss of wifi signal or disconnected ethernet wire) while I'm connected to a session. When I re-establish the connection over the network I cannot re-establish a connection with AirVPN I get "OpenVPN is already running".


The only thing that works to fix this is a machine reboot!

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You do not have to reboot, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard, run task manager and then select openvpn.exe and press "end process". Air client should run OK then. That is in Windows 7.

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Hi everyone,


I installed AirVPN yesterday on my laptop with windows 8.1 and have very similar problems as OP.


But the solution doesn't work since I can't end / terminate / kill openvpn.exe, not by Task Manager, nor by Process Hacker, nor by cmd. I've been googling for hours, tried to disconnect all possible devices and disabling/enabling all possible drivers. I do have OpenVPN installed as well but the GUI isn't running (and openvpn.exe wasn't running either before installing). Openvpn.exe doesn't show any sort of cpu activity. The problems started after reopening my laptop (sleep mode).


I know I've been avoiding the most relevant solution ("have you tried turning it off and on again") but I'd really like not to restart my computer as there are other programs running in which I can't save my activity.


Have I missed something obvious or is there no other solution but a clean restart and not to use sleep mode anymore? In that case I'm afraid I'll have to look for alternatives.


On a side note, yesterday I tried a couple of servers in the Netherlands, and got about 5Mb/s downloadspeed in tunnel and ~22Mb/s outside the tunnel. Upload speed was only slightly affected. Is this considered normal?

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Sleep mode is a bad thing when OpenVPN is running. Windows resets the routing table on every ACPI state change from S0 (sleep, hibernation, shutdown, see the link for details), so after wakeup the whole OpenVPN config is gone. It may explain why OpenVPN is acting that way...

Four simple things:
There's a guide to AirVPN. Before you ask questions, take 30 minutes of your time to go through it.

Amazon IPs are not dangerous here. It's the fallback DNS.
Running TOR exits is discouraged. They're subject to restrictions on the internet and harm all AirVPN users.

Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, you'll be unique among the mass again.


XMPP: gigan3rd@xmpp.airvpn.org or join our lounge@conference.xmpp.airvpn.org

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I had the same problem I received a message that OpenVPN GUI is already running; and even after killing the process with Task Manager and restarting it, I couldn't find the program in the system tray.


I finally figured out that if I clicked on the tiny arrow head to the left of the system tray and moused over the icons shown in a popup until I found openvpn-gui, then dragged it from the popup to the system tray, it would remain there. 


Click on it and if it is properly configured it will offer you working connection options.  If the icon of a locked tty turns green, that means it is connected.

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