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AirVPN Client - Eddie - Beta testing phase

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Trying out the Eddie Linux client on a new 14.04 bare metal OS.


[ I know that 14.04 has a "bug" with pre-config VPN settings.  I tried it anyway and confirm its still not working (no surprise just confirming the bug has not been fixed yet).]


Now will somebody please tell me how to get around an issue I am having with the client.  Its on my end.


Scenario:  I downloaded Eddie using another machine and burned it to a CDR.  Then I fired up the 14.04 OS and copied the client to the desktop of 14.04.  Clicked on it and installed it.  I watched it install in the progress bar.  Seemed to go fine.  I can open Accessories and I see the AirVpn icon.  When I click on it a full screen appears with a launch button.  I click on LAUNCH and then nothing happens.  It just goes to full desktop view and I see nothing.


1. Do I need to change permission or go root, etc....?  If so how on the gui icon?


2. Should I run this from terminal and if so what commands are recommended?


3. Lastly, assuming I resolve this connection issue -------------- > is there anything in the client that will interfere with my still using a ufw firewall ruleset just to be sure?  I lock ufw down to: general block in and out, allow only the air entry IP, traffic only allow tun.  Not complex but its solid and never has leaked.

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Feature request:


1.  I would like the ability to stop AirVPN from connecting to a server mid-connection.  It seems now that once you press connect, the client will attempt to connect to a server and nothing will stop it short of terminating the application.


2.  On the overview tab, the port you are connected to does not show.  Could this be added?

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The problem is here:



5/12/2014 - 9:04 AM    OpenVPN > resolvconf: Error: /etc/resolv.conf must be a symlink


It's not Eddie's problem, see here for a quick fix: http://askubuntu.com/a/172157


Kind regards

I tried the askubuntu link and all I could get is this (didn't work) :


update-rc.d: warning: resolvconf stop runlevel arguments (none) do not match LSB Default-Stop values (0 6)


I think my version of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid is too old.  Guess I need to upgrade.  Thanks for the assistance.





Anyone with a suggestion of how I can fix this short of upgrading (which seems to have it's own issues) ?

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Excellent, I've dreamed of a Linux client for AirVPN. I'm in Archlinux and everything is working great. There are great

features here and now I don't have to download any config files anymore

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Any instructions on how to compile the client from the github source? My system is armhf so the regular x32/x64 builds are not compatible.

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