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I love AirVPN

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Based on a reading of your website it appears Air VPN has a relationship with the following American company:


OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.

5980 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 103
Pleasanton, California 94588
United States


E-Mail:   info@openvpn.net This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Based on media reports in the USA it's my understanding that law enforcement authorities, and possibly the NSA, have no problem with coercing an individual or corporation into revealing information they, otherwise, would not reveal.  Accordingly, I fail to see how OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. ("OpenVPN") is immune from this type of government tactic.  What is to prevent the FBI from forcing OpenVPN to install software which would identify the sender and content of an internet message, and to keep the fact of such installation secret from Air VPN?


Could one argue that, given Air VPN's relationship with OpenVPN and the scenario related above, that Air VPN is, effectively under the control of American law enforcement?  In the absence of a connection to an American company it's my understanding that Air VPN is subject to strict EU privacy regulations.  My reading of your "About Us" section left me with the impression that many of your staff have a fervent commitment to the privacy/security of your customers' information. 


I also understand that not ALL customer communications through Air VPN also go through OpenVPN.  If this understanding is correct I would suggest that Air VPN install software which would alert a customer in instances where a communication will be routed through OpenVPN.  The reasoning behind this suggestion is that a customer, after reading such an alert, would have the opportunity to delete his message.


Finally, the concerns expressed here are, in no way, based on a desire to violate the laws prohibiting certain forms of pornography.  Since 11-09-01 certain forms of speech and writings which, in theory, enjoy protection under the American Constitution have resulted in the harassment, by US government authorities, of individuals under the guise of the "Patroit Act."  Therefore, my use of Air VPN reflects a desire, by one American, to live, again, in the time prior to 11-09-01 when the American Constitution was respected by those in a position of law enforcement.


My e-mail contact:  barnegat1952@vistomail.com

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Your concerns about OpenVPN are probably based on a basic and huge misunderstanding. AirVPN is based on OpenVPN, a free and open source software by James Yonan and subsequently developed by OpenVPN Project and by OpenVPN Tehcnologies Inc.


OpenVPN has been and is continuously peer-reviewed and tested by some of the best cryptography experts in the world and by a very vast community with members from all over the world, together with OpenSSL (and PolarSSL, which might become relevant in the near future). AirVPN does not use any server, machine or infrastructure, does not employ any technician or any personnel from OpenVPN Technologies Inc. and does not exchange any data with OpenVPN Technologies Inc.


The fact that the software (which AirVPN uses without tweaks or anyway modifications from the source code) is open source is an invaluable advantage for deeper examinations and analysis. It is well known that OpenVPN is considered by thousands of experts, gurus and competent persons alike one of the best, if not THE best, VPN solution under a security and flexibility point of view. Please see here for a nice overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Openvpn


Kind regards

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I don't know what happened to my last post.  I did include the name of a company, and its address.  So perhaps that was a violation of the rules.


ANYWAY--To what extent does Air VPN rely on the services of Open VPN Technologies, Inc. ("Open VPN")?  Open VPN is a company based in California, USA.  I recall having to use some software, belonging to this company, to set-up my Air VPN service.  I have noted that one of the directors of Air VPN appears to be an Italian national. 


My concern is that the privacy of Air VPN may be compromised if key parts of its hardware are within the boundaries of the USA.


Hopefully, this post will get an approval from the moderator.

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Awesome service & pricing

Incredible speeds

Reliable network

Viciously strong encryption

Profound website

Net neutrality backed ToS

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