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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I use Eddie for OSX on 10.13 and I'm trying to also use Zerotier One, because of other reasons not relevant in here. The thing is that the moment I activate Eddie the connection to Zerotier is lost. It may connect after a while (from 24 to 48 hs later) and everytime I reconnect with Eddie the same happens. I contacted the people from Zerotier and they told that maybe the VPN is blocking UDP ports. Zerotier creates a feth/ipv4 interface. I'm not a genius with networking, sorry for that ;·) Is there a something that I can do to improve the performance of Zerotier while using Eddie, or if there is an alternative way of using it like making Zerotier bypass the VPN? I can provide all the necessary information and make tests, but for the moment I'm a little bit lost. Any help will be appreciate it, thanks in advance. For more information, IPV6 is not being used.
  2. Hello, I am running Ubuntu 18.04 with zerotier installed and using the eddie client(network lock enabled). Is there a way to have zerotier connected? Edit: Inside or outside airVPN would be fine.
  3. Hi, I am using routes > outside VPN tunnel feature, but i have problem recently after install ZeroTier One, which works like hamachi that create virtual local lan across internet. The eddie client seem to see the ZeroTier as gateway (ip as instead of the actual gateway ( As log: With ZeroTier network adapter enabled: . 2019.02.01 18:18:13 - Routes, remove for gateway After disable the ZeroTier network adapter, example of one of the ip that route outside VPN tunnel:. 2019.02.01 18:18:20 - Routes, added a new route, for gateway As it route to the ZeroTier, which causes the IP not working as ZeroTier does not have internet connectivity. I would like to know is there a way to define main gateway? I tried manually choosing the "networking" > "interface used for connection" that linked to, but the route gateway still assign to Which causing all the route outside ips not working.
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