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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Yomvi and http://yomvi.plus.es is an app from a Spanish pay to provider which allows to his costumers to watch live to channels they've subscribed for, VOD, etc. The app doesn't load from Nihal so I suppose they've banned it or they didn't update their GeoIP DB. If posible, it would be great to add a georoute to Brachium. Brachium is hosted on Sologigabit SLU and I don't understand why it has such poor speed and connectivity from Spain. However, Steganos Sh*tware free VPN as well as Tunnelbear use the same host (lower encryption though) and is more responsive. Nevermind Greetins
  2. Dear Staff, After multiple people, including me, already mentioned in this thread - https://airvpn.org/topic/11908-new-1-gbits-server-available-nihal-es/ - whenever we connect to the Nihal server, ANY service (in my case TV and Pay-TV, which very annoyingly does not work with your "Spanish" server) recognises Nihal as being in Lisbon, Portugal. Furthermore it is supposedly registered to a portuguese name, too. If I understood you guys right, the server actually is in Spain, but that does not change anything for us users, as every "normal" ip-checking website locates the server in Portugal. So the server actually being in Spain, but showing itself as Portuguese to basically every website I was testing, does not help at all. It is rather unpleasant that internet-based Spanish Pay TV contents are not possible to access with AirVPN. The old spanish servers, albeit supposedly much slower, worked perfectly in that respect. As we didn't get any additional and/or problem-solving replies in the above attached thread, I would appreciate it very highly if you could help us out with this and fix that problem. Having said all that, I want to emphasize that I absolutely love AirVPN and what you guys offer. I think it is amazing and you have all my respect for the way you are running AirVPN. The above problem is the only drop of bitterness I am experiencing. Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm on Mac OS X Mavericks and with neither Tunnelblick, nor the AirVPN client a connection to the Spanish server Nihal is possible. The AirVPN client automatically "recommends" (=connects) me a different server (usually Dutch) after not managing to connect to Nihal, while Tunnelblick doesn't connect to Nihal either. All other servers I tried seem to be working just fine. The availability of Spanish servers was a condition for choosing AirVPN and I was not amused when the servers got deleted some weeks ago. When the Spanish location reappeared I was very happy, as I rely on Spanish servers for TV reasons. Does this happen to everyone here trying to connect to that server or is it only me having that problem? In any case, I would highly appreciate any help. Regards
  4. Hi, I wonder when a new server in Spain will be available. I cannot access to many local services. Thanks
  5. So I tried a few times to connect to Sador and Zaurak recently with no success. I thought it might be because I was using stunnel due to the recent SSL problems but saw just now on the status page 0 people are connected... Is there some technical problem and is it being worked out?
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