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Found 4 results

  1. Last time I had PureVPN which I installed on my dedicated server's Windows Server through RDP, but right when vpn software started installed drivers the connection was lost forever, I had to send all my files to a backup server through rescue mode and install win server again. I don't want this to happen again, so I want to know if by installing airvpn it will stop the internet connection? Before all these I used EarthVPN and it didn't had any extra drivers to install, so I was a long time user of it, but now I want something better but they all install drivers... I'm trying out portable version, but still it reminds about drivers. I would try this on a virtualbox or something, but I don't have time do do it... So I guess I better not connect, because it will ruin my rdp connection and remote server's network adapters? I don't know if it's the kill switch / network lock or openvpn drivers or tap interface that ruined my remote server last time. I see there are options to disable them. But it still says driver will be installed at next connection.
  2. Hello, I'm connecting to a RDP via Airvpn on my host machine. When inside to the RDP and performing DNS leak test no matter the browser the DNS won't match the RDP IP location. I've tried installing webRTC DNS leak prevent app for chrome to no avail. Firefox I've changed the setting to media.peerconnection.false and DNS is still different from IP location. I don't understand where my browser is leaking from ? Thank you
  3. i have a problem i use multidesk a software program to save and manage rdps. i have network lock enabled but if i loose vpn cinnection. the rdps keep connected. or in other words i think it never uses the vpn connection at all. because after the vpn disconnects, the rdps dont even have to reconnect. anyone know what this could be?
  4. I installed AirVPN on my home machine (Win 10) on the weekend and now I'm not able to connect to it via RDP, though I could before. I have set up a forwarded port from [highnumber] to 3389 local (TCP and UDP) and a DDNS on the airvpn.org/ports page. Trying to remote into my home machine at PublicIP:highnumber, ForwardedTo:highnumber, and [ddns].airvpn.org:highnumber all fail. I have confirmed that the outbound port from my current machine does work. Any suggestions on getting this fixed? Thanks!
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